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Mac Express offers a range of meal plan options for Residence Students, Off-Campus Students, as well as Faculty & Staff.

The Hospitality website provides more information regarding the different meal plans. Application forms can also be downloaded at the site. First time applicants can apply in Mac Express office, or by email and fax. For further inquiries, feel free to Contact Us.

Note: Do not use email to submit your application if it includes your credit card information. You can use mail or fax.

Once you request a Mac Express Plan which suits your needs, a meal account is set up for you. Students' accounts are conveniently accessed from their student ID card. Faculty and Staff can have their employee ID card programmed in our office to access their meal plan (unless there is a request for a separate meal card). A completed form can be sent by mail to our office. We accept cash, cheque, money order, American Express, Master Card and Visa credit cards (cash and debit are accepted in person only). In addition, there is also a convenient payroll deduction option for Faculty & Staff.

At any time during the year you can add money to your meal card. Students can deposit into Freedom; Faculty/Staff into Staff meal account. Residence students can deposit into Flex or Freedom during their stay in residence.

To save time and still have your meal card filled up, we offer you the convenience of on-line payments using your credit card. This can be done thru the Meal Account site. Even parents can add money to a student's meal account using the Parental Deposit option (you need to know student ID number and birthdate).

Office Hours:

Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri
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8:30am to 4:00pm
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The Mac Express meal card site will be unavailable due to a required maintenance from Tuesday, February 19th , 2019 at 7 am to February 20th 5 pm. This might change however please check periodically for availability.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Exciting news!

The Meal Account site is now "mobile friendly"!
You can now access your meal plan information from any device!

Living On-Campus

Need to change your Meal Plan Selection? You can make changes to your meal plan selection through the Residence Application portal until June 1, 2018 at 4 pm. After that date, any meal plan change requests should be submitted in writing to Mac Express at The deadline for all meal plan change requests is Sunday August 12, 2018.

Please take time to read
and understand the current
Residence Meal Plan Policy!

Living Off-Campus

Hospitality Services is pleased to offer students living off-campus two different types of meal plans: the Freedom Plan and the Term Plan - view more information on off-campus meal plans website. 

All meal plan holders have web access to their meal plan information - check balance, review transactions, add more money, cancel lost meal card, etc. Parents can also add money to their children's accounts thru Parental Deposit option.